Andra Gallhöfer

What motivates you: 

A clear motivation is seeing your own business growing. We started with the idea of creating a fashion label and after seven years I am able to look back at my own achievements. Apart from that, it is very motivating to work in a good team. If you do not harmonize well with your staff, you cannot push each other to do the best possible. Receiving positive customer feedback, whether it is design- or quality-wise is also clear motivation. Every morning I look forward to going to work,  knowing that I have some great projects I am able to work on.

In your opinion, why do diversity and digitalization belong together?

Digitalization opens doors to new possibilities for the evolvement of your own diversity, it can push your skills, and helps you continue to grow. Without diversity it is difficult to keep track with the ongoing process of digitalization.

Do you have a role model? If  yes, who and why?

Here it is difficult to name only one person. Richard Branson is very inspiring due to his positive energy. On the other hand, I do really like the Etro family for their style loyalty and classy design options and Karl Lagerfeld with his unique character.

Your tip for newcomers and young talent

Be yourself and stick to your philosophy. Apart from that is very important to believe in your own dreams and talents. Every day something different happens, so it is important to be spontaneous and flexible. Being an open-minded person with lots of connections to other interesting people helps you receive new insight.

Your favorite social media channel

I really like Instagram. It is a great marketing tool for all kinds of companies. Especially the last years, there was an ongoing growth of Instagram. People share their personal life with each other; you are easily connected with your friends and family.

Your favorite App?

Definitely Pinterest, as it offers so much space for creativity. I get easily inspired by all kinds of pictures, whether I need inspiration for my job, a new recipe, or something I can do together with my little daughter.

A book that changed your life? 

The biography of Coco Chanel. She is such an inspiring personality. She started a new fashion era with her new designs and sometimes she didn’t listen to other people, she just kept going following her dreams. Being a strong woman with clear vision helped me to master my business.

What is your goal for 2019?

We are constantly trying to optimize our blouses, especially in terms of sustainability. Sustainability is an important issue, particularly in the fashion sector, which deserves more attention. Moreover, we are moving forward to a digital internationalization. Therefore we are working on moving forward with our global sales and distribution activities.