Smart Mobility and the Digital Transformation of Local Public Transport

Date: 06.12.2018

Host: Carolin Frick, head of communications & PR at ioki GmbH

What was the topic of your talk?
It was all about female empowerment, agile leadership, and the transformation of public transport in the digital age.

What are your three most important points on that topic?
Quality will always win. If you don’t feel comfortable at work, it’s not the right place for you – even if it pays very well. New mobility only works while not forgetting about traditional methods of transportation.

The most exciting project you are currently working on?
Changing the future of public transport and simultaneously aiding to improve quality of life and the environment is really special to me. Working with such a great and inclusive team is just the icing on the cake.

Your favorite digital tool?
It’s got to be Trello, such an easy way to organize your team without forgetting any tasks anymore.

One thing you still prefer to be analogue than digital?

What did you learn from your former boss?
He influenced me in a great way. He was the first boss that focused on me improving without being scared that this will restrict his power in any way. He’s my role model to this day.

The biggest digital trend you are preparing for in your line of work?
Improving traditional modes of public transport with smart algorithms and alternative propulsion and sustainable automobile technology.

Your Twitter handle?