GDW Afterwork @Super RTL

Changing Corporate Culture

Date: 21.01.2019

Host: Nadja Hereitani

Nadja Hereitani

What do you do at SUPER RTL?

I am hacking culture…

What was the topic of your talk?

Cultural Change.

What is your most important point on that topic?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast? Culture is the strategy!

The most exciting project you are currently working on?

Transforming our company from a TV station into a content hub!

What is your favorite digital tool?


What is one thing you still prefer to be analogue than digital?

Love letters.

What is one thing you learned from your former boss?

Work hard.

What is the biggest digital trend you are preparing for in your line of work?

Keep leadership non-digital.

What is your Twitter handle?


Anything else you would like to share? Any questions?

Let it flow…