Smart City: Urbanization and Digitization

Date: 17.12.2018

Host: Nicci Magiera

What do you do at Volkswagen Group IT?

Team lead of Urban Mobility, HR, Finance and Procurement at Volkswagen Data:Lab & head of Smart:City at Volkswagen Group IT

What was the topic of your talk?

Smart:City – data analytics for urban mobility

What are your three most important points on that topic?

Digital transformation of smart cities, strategic mobility planning based on data analytics, overcoming fragmentation of mobility-relevant information to improve the mobility ecosystem of a city

The most exciting project you are currently working on?

Data analytics for traffic management

What is your favorite digital tool?

There are too many great solutions to limit the choice to only one tool

One thing you still prefer to be analogue than digital?

Food. No just kidding, if something is available in digital, I’ll go for that.

What did you learn from your former boss?

How to approach new ideas

The biggest digital trend you are preparing for in your line of work?

Data analytics and artificial intelligence

What is your Twitter handle?