GDW Afterwork@MHP: Digital workplace and new work

Date: 04.02. 2019

Host: Natascha Flamkamp, Consultant Digital Workplace, MHP Management und IT Beratung GmbH

What was the topic of your talk?
Digital workplace and new work

What are your three most important points on digital workplace and new work?
Whoever wants to achieve changes in companies needs allies.
Define an employee experience simply by seeing the world through the eyes of employees.
Ambassadors give recommendations on when to use which tool best.

The most exciting project you are currently working on?
A communication strategy to introduce a social collaboration tool for more than 30,000 employees

Your favorite digital tool?
O365 Teams

One thing you still prefer to be analogue than digital?
To have a chat with friends or a colleague 

What did you learn from your former boss?
No false modesty

The biggest digital trend you are preparing for in your line of work?
KI integrated in Enterprise Social Collaboration Tools 

What is your Twitter handle?

Anything else you would like to share? Any questions?
Thank you dear GDW team 🙂