Lina Wassong

In one sentence: What motivates you?

Whenever I teach soldering workshops and see how excited the participants get once their LEDs light up, it encourages me to inspire many more people.

In two sentences: In your opinion, why do diversity and digitalization belong together?

Every person should benefit from our digital future. Therefore, a group of individuals with different backgrounds have a greater perspective to create a more diverse future.

In three sentences: Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

My work is very multidisciplinary. As a result, there are many people in the art, technology, as well as design scene who inspire me. It is fascinating to see their dedication towards their discipline.

Your tip for newcomers and young talent:

Go out, network, and meet great people!

Your favorite social media channel:

I enjoy Instagram the most. However they all have different purposes and (dis)advantages.

Your favorite App:

WhatsApp is my favourite app because it makes it so easy to communicate with people all over the world and send them pictures and videos.

A book that changed your life:

The first book I actually wrote. It was about electronics and the start of my physical computing career.

What is your goal for 2019?

I want to dedicate more time towards collaborations as well as some bigger projects.