Sabine Fernau

In one sentence: What motivates you?

When at the end of our girls’ promotion program a fifteen year old girl tells me, “For me, mint:pink is like a credit of trust that young girls can create something great in the future.” This is more than feedback; it is a call to continue and expand!

In two sentences: In your opinion, why do diversity and digitalization belong together?

Because diversity matters: physics, computer science and engineering have been, over decades and centuries, mainly driven by white men and the crucial thing about digitalization is, however, digital transformation. And this is about people, their ideas, opinions, and thoughts—diversity is a catalyst and we need all the competences, perspectives, and influences of female and male, cultural identities, and personalities.

In three sentences: Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

My first role model: Pippi Longstocking—independent, funny and strong. Today: Daenerys Targaryen—representing all women who are courageous but feminine; hard when needed but with a heart for justice; independent, and focused on a tough goal.

Your tip for newcomers and young talent:

Be visible and stand up for yourself. Take the lead. You may not be everyone’s darling–so what? Stay focused but take the time you need. Take shortcuts and enjoy the long way. Look out for mentors and use them.

Your favorite social media channel:


Your favorite App:

Vimcar and Chwazi

A book that changed your life:

Richard Powers The Time Of Our Singing. There is, of course, not only one book. But there are books which I start to read, read, read to the end and start reading again. The Time Of Our Singing is one of them. Written by a scientist, it is actually all about “Who is enough, in being himself?”. Now I’ve learned that he is a computer programmer, too. So convenient!

What is your goal for 2019?

First, to digitize our work flow in the form of a platform called „m!ntmatch”, bringing students, teachers, and scientists together in a smart way; second, to create a new project for girls focusing on start-ups and artificial intelligence.