Team Mädelsabende

In one sentence: What motivates you?

The daily feedback of our community. Team Mädelsabende has very active instagram-followers and every time someone writes back to us that we helped him or her to change something in their daily lives the team is super-proud and amazed.

In two sentences: In your opinion, why do diversity and digitalization belong together?

Because both of them are part of our daily life and improve and challenge the way we think, feel and act. They help us to step out of our sometimes “narrow-minded” routine.

In three sentences: Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why?

We are impressed by women who support other women—as a team, not as solo leaders. It is important to have more than one role model because female lives are diverse: moms, singles, partners, single moms, women of colour ect.

Your tip for newcomers and young talent:

Find yourself a mentor!

Your favorite social media channel:

@maedelsabende Sorry for that 😉

Your favorite App:

Clue – Period tracker

A book that changed your life:

Rebecca Traister All the Single Ladies

What is your goal for 2019?

To reach even more young women with our content @maedelsabende and give them orientation. Furthermore, we are hoping for solid financing for our project.