Big Ideas for Little People: the world’s first size chart for little men and women

Sema Gedik is a fashion designer with a mission. With her label AUF AUGENHOEHE [“AT EYE LEVEL”] she has developed, after years of research, the world's first size chart for little men and women. What does this have to do with digitalization? A lot! In December 2018 she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Lifestyle). Here she explains what motivates her–in 99 words:

“From the use of body scanners, the development of digital pattern constructions, to the realization of the world’s first tailor dummies with the help of 3D printing for little people—without digitization I would never have been able to realize my label. I believe that digitalization is an incredibly powerful tool to shape the future. We can reach different people all over the world and learn about their experiences to help create a diverse fashion world. My team and I would like to give the fashion industry the chance to act not only profit-, but also socially oriented.”