Transformation of the industrial world

Devina Pasta, currently Chief Digital Officer at the Siemens Power & Gas division, has over a decade of experience in Automation and Digitalization at Siemens, spanning the manufacturing, mobility and energy business. She was born and raised in India, with an engineering degree from the US and an MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. In December 2018 she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Career). Here she explains what motivates he–in 99 words:

“The transformation of the industrial world is not only about technology, but also about people and their attitude towards change. Of course it’s great to develop new digital solutions with the help of artificial intelligence, for example. However, if these solutions do not bring added value to our customers and society, then we have not yet succeeded. We also need to break the silos between the industrial and digital worlds. From a leadership role, the right platforms and environment must be created for this, so that the transformation is not just endured, but also supported and celebrated.”

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