Digital Education

Nina Toller is a high school teacher and is committed to digital education with her blog "tollerunterricht.com". In December, 2018, she was awarded the “Digital Female Leader Award” (category: Social Hero). Here she explains what drives her – in 99 words:

“Teacher-centered teaching and old books are still the norm in most schools in Germany. We’re living in the 21st century, learning as if in the 19th. I show my students the benefits of digital education, even though I often feel like a solo fighter on the ‘digital battlefield’. I use, for example, QR codes in lessons, switch to English-speaking authors via Skype, and use Youtube videos for learning. I try to counteract the dusty system with cooperative forms of learning, the 4C model (promotion of creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration), and the use of digital media.”

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