Increasing the visibility

Jasmin Schreiber is a German journalist, freelancer, and illustrator. In her touching blog “sterbenueben.de“ (which means “practice dying”) she would like to document her path and increase the visibility of this topic by digital means. In December, 2018, she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Audience). Here she explains what drives her – in 99 words:

“I don’t have “a role model”, but there are a lot of people I admire. For example, Jane Goodall, who went to Africa without studying or any other training, began to observe the behavior of chimpanzees there, and built an incredible career. I am motivated by my curiosity and the abundance of opportunities offered by the world around us. That led me to my field; after all, life is also dying somehow, only I like to ignore it. That’s going to be different from now on and I’ll record this process in my blog.”

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