Mobility and sustainability

Doris Holler Bruckner, president and CEO of Bundesverband nachhaltige Mobilität & oekonews (“sustainable mobility and eco-news”), deals extensively with the issue of sustainability. In December 2018 she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Mobility). Here she explains what motivates her—in 99 words

“My motto for life and work is: There’s no such thing as ‘It won’t work.’ Innovations have always piqued my curiosity. I was connected to my company via a dedicated line when there was no Internet. Another subject that has long interested me is sustainability, and from there the step towards e-mobility is not far.  The idea of driving long distances electrically took me on an electric trip around the world and to Morocco in an electric car. My motivation? To make the world a better place. Diversity in teams can make a difference because it brings new perspectives. And digitalization is the key.”

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