The Power of Digitalization and Rolemodels

Iwani Zoé Mawocha, UI/UX designer at Panalyt (Singapore) is the only female co-founder of a startup for data-supported personnel management. Eight years ago the South African co-founder started the organization Mustard Seed Africa, which supports women in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Uganda. In December 2018 she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Global Hero). Here she explains what drives her–in 99 words:

“I want to use the power of digitalization to make a difference. Our motto is: if you invest in a woman, you invest in a whole community. The handicrafts of African women can now be bought internationally via an online shop. My advice for young women? It is far too easy to feel intimidated by age or stature, to think that you’re less knowledgeable, capable, or to use it as a reason to stop trying. If other people had all the answers, they would have solved all the world’s problems by now! You hold the potential to change the world, so never stop believing in yourself.”

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