Do you benefit from networking?

Every Sunday we‘ll ask you a few questions in our Instagram Story. Since our co-founder Tijen’s book about Networking is hot off the press, we decided to take up the topic in our #SundaySurvey

Here are the latest numbers:

When asked about whether or not our community attends networking events a lot, an astonishing 57% stated that they do not, while only 43% stated that they do. However, the majority of 73% agreed that they do or have benefited from networking professionally, while only 27% state they have not. And finally, 58% of our community think of themselves as “good networkers” and the minority of 42% do not think they are good at networking.

Furthermore, we asked our readers which is their biggest challenge when it comes to networking. Some of these answers were:

  • Having more than small talk,
  • connecting to the right people,
  • being professional and fun at the same time,
  • ending the conversation to talk to other people,
  • and keeping in touch.

Tijen’s book seems to have been published at just the right time and will definitely shed some light on these issues. Keep an eye out on our Instagram, as Tijen will get back to you on those questions.

Female One Zero - Sunday Survey - Networking