Last Sunday we asked you some questions about work life balance

Whether or not you work long hours, or on holidays; if you are satisfied with your working hours; if you worry about work when you are not actually at work; and whether or not you have found the right balance between your work and personal life.

Results show: 70% of the #F10 community work long hours, overtime, or even on holidays, while 30% do not, and while 58% are satisfied with their working hours, a whole 42% are not. Even more shocking are the last two results: 40% state they do not worry about work very often but the majority of 60% worry about work a lot when they are not actually there. Close to the same result were the answers about whether or not our community has found the right balance between work and personal life. Only the minority of 45% have found the right balance for themselves, and the majority of 55% have not found it yet.

Female One Zero - Sunday Survey