Sunday Survey about Selfcare

Did you see our little survey last Sunday? It was about the very important topic of selfcare. We wanted to know which routines you have, and if it’s easy for you to find time to take care of yourself – and if you do, how much time you spent with selfcare. Last but not least, we asked you, what your favorite selfcare practice is.

Results show: Only 1/3 of the participants have a steady morning routine like meditation, reading or else. Also 65% find it hard to find time to take care of themselves and 76% spent less than 1 hour doing so. Excuse me everyone, that should definitely be more! Therefore, we’ve put together some inspiration from the community for you- aka the favorite selfcare practices the participants told us:

Sleeping; Spending time with the family; Taking a long shower, followed by beauty treatments; Yoga and reading; A massage and some sports, also Social Media Time; Walking to work while listening to audio books; Prayer; Meditation and a workout; Taking a hot bath or enjoying a spa; Running; A good therapy session; CCC – cosmetics, coding and chill; Lying in bed; Manicure and pedicure.

FemaleOneZero - Sunday Survey - Selfcare