Sunday Survey about your general well-being at work

Every Sunday we ask you some questions in our Instagram Story. Last Sunday we decided to ask you about your general well-being at work. We wanted to find out whether or not you are happy in your position; if you feel positively or negatively about your superiors; whether you feel like your boss sees your full potential or not; and if you have ever thought about quitting your job because of your boss.

Results show: 53% stated that they mostly are happy in their current position, while 47% stated that they aren’t really. When asked about whether or not you felt positive about your superiors, 63% said that they do, and 37% said they felt negatively. A rather common phenomenon seems to be that the majority does not seem to think that their boss sees their full potential (57%), while only 43% feel that their boss does. Lastly the majority of 66% confessed that they have thought about quitting their job because of their boss, while only 34% stated that they have never thought about this.

While we are already on the topic of bosses who make us think of quitting our job, you might want to give our latest “The Day I Quit My Job” a read. Enise Lauterbach, a cardiologist who worked in large clinics for several years, took a leap of faith when she quit her job. After years of frustration and being mistreated by her boss she finally decided that she had enough! Find her story here.

FemaleOneZero - Sunday Survey

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