Sunday Survey – Artificial Intelligence

Every Sunday we ask you some questions in our Instagram Story. Last Sunday we decided to take up the topic of Artificial Intelligence. We asked you whether or not you actually know what AI is; if you can imagine working with a robot or not; and whether you think that AI will impact our lives in a positive or in a negative way.

Results show: 78% stated that they definitely know what AI is, while 22% stated that they do not really know. When asked about whether or not you could imagine working with a robot, the results weren’t all that different in comparison to the first question. 72% could envision working with one, while for 28% the concept is hard to grasp. Lastly when asked about a future outlook, the majority of 88% believes that we will benefit from artificial intelligence, while 12% believe it could affect us negatively.

While we are already on the topic of artificial intelligence: have you read our new column with Asumpta Lattus? Every month she talks to a different woman who is shaking up the AI industry. Find the first one here.

FemaleOneZero - Sunday Survey