Tech Talk: Slack

What makes your work – and life – easier? A quick chat about favorite tools. This time Sabrina Spielberger, CEO and founder of digidip, talks about Slack (for those who haven't explored it yet)

Your favorite tool: 


What’s the purpose of Slack:

Slack is the central communication tool for our team. Here we can exchange ideas and documents, make decisions, and look for information as it’s very neat.

How does Slack work:

The app works on multiple devices. You can chat and upload files that will be fully archived, but the best part is that you can combine Slack with other apps and services. 

The impact of Slack:

Our communication is not cluttered throughout different channels like E-Mail, Skype, or Whatsapp anymore and can be segmented by different channels with dedicated topics. In our case we have also connected Slack to all the various services that we use, for example our Google Drive, calendars, developer tools, product management tools, etc. You can also set reminders in each channel via Slackbot, which we, for example, use to have everyone regularly update the progress of their OKRs.

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