Tech Talk: The App KineMaster

What makes your work – and life – easier? A quick chat about favorite tools. This time Katja Diehl talks about the app KineMaster. She's a freelance communication consultant with focus on mobility and female empowerment based in Hamburg. In her free time Katja is part of Women in Mobility, is building up the Hamburg Hub, and is a mentor at MentorMe.

Your favorite tool:

Normally I don’t have any plans or special targets for the new year on New Year’s Eve.

This year, I changed that by saying, “I will do something every month that feels uncomfortable first – due to going outside my comfort zone – but that will help me to realize my goals and for me to be more visible.”

My goal is to change mobility for the better through software and female empowerment. I am a freelance consultant for communication, and normally I put my clients in the spotlight. But I’ve decided to also do this for my business, myself, and the ladies I want to reach.

So I had my first keynote (January), launched a website (February) and will publish a blog with “moving pictures” from March on. That’s the point where I was asked to show you my most used and useful app at the moment: KineMaster.

What’s its purpose of KineMaster and how does it work:

KineMaster is an app free to use in basic mode, and I really instantly fell in love with it because it’s so intuitive. I rejected producing videos in the past because I didn’t want to read long manuals – I just wanted to start. And that is what KineMaster is about. You take your snippets into the app, can edit them in length and adjust the way they are shown to you audience. For me, it’s not about the perfect shot, which I can surely do better at my home office on the laptop. It’s the chance to show “life” – the getting together with people at places I like, spontaneous interviews, and sharing moments of my life with people who inspire me.

I am 45 years old now and I like the fact that, nowadays for younger women, there are so many other women who can act as mentors for them even though huge mountains divide them. If you are a person that wants to grow every day, you find inspiration everywhere. With my blog – which is now online – I am planning to make those women visible; to share their way of becoming who they are. And to maybe be like Scully, who led girls in the 90s, to go into science.

When going through all of these thoughts, it is potentially very easy to skip doing anything about them due to lacking easy-to-manage software to guide you.

The impact of KineMaster:

With KineMaster, you can add text, silence, and make a voice over in mere minutes. It is, of course, a bit handmade, but to be honest: I reach out for that. I am annoyed by totally perfect-looking input on Instagram. I am looking for the real stuff and even the dazzle along the way. Fun fact: I work part-time as PR lead for door2door, which builds software for public transport being transformed in digital products like Ridepooling on-demand. Isn´t it funny that you just have to find your AI buddy to gain pace on your way? I like this really.