Tech Talk: The app Productive

What makes your work – and life – easier? A quick chat about favorite tools. This time Alice Roth, expert People Behavior and Communications at Telekom Security, T-Systems International, talks about the app Productive

Your favorite tool:

It’s an app: Productive

What’s the purpose of Productive:

Productive is a very easy to use tool with which you can acquire positive habits in order to create routines (healthier nutrition, more exercise, more efficient working, and so on) as quickly as possible. The app is fully customizable, i.e. you can create your own plan with individual habits, set the times of day for them, as well as add intelligent reminders. You can also use the statistics to analyze your progress. This helps you to stay on the ball in an extremely motivating way.

How does it work:

I’ve been using the app every day since it was recommended to me by a very good friend. I set habits for the mornings and evenings that I am reminded of every day. In the morning, for example, I’m trying to get used to making a smoothie and taking piece of fruit to work, because I noticed that otherwise I run out of the house too fast in the morning and then, depending on how my work day looks, sometimes I don’t eat for the first time until about 2 pm. In addition, I have set myself a weekly reminder to plan the next week and to go through all the appointments I know so far.

The impact of Productive:

Especially last year I read a lot about routines and the positive qualities they can have. And to be honest, I had to admit to myself that most of my routines were not dramatic but rather negative. Some of you will know it: it starts with getting hungry while watching TV – and ends with me almost always forgetting to book my working hours for the day in the evening. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Productive. At the beginning it was recommended to start with only 1 or 2 rituals. It’s all about staying tuned. Because it is scientifically proven that, on average, it takes 66 days to develop a healthy routine. So – just start and try it!


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