What are the best sources to learn iOS development?

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iOS Recommendation #1: Apple.com

Aside from their extensive iOS documentation (which although extremely helpful, can also be extremely dense), Apple has put out some great resources for beginning iOS developers: https://www.apple.com/everyone-c… These resources are especially kid friendly, but are also great for adults.

Apple’s resources are an especially good starting point for an iOS beginner because Swift is still in flux and their resources are the most up-to-date online.

iOS Recommendation #2: RayWenderlich.com

Full disclosure: I’m currently a member of the Ray Wenderlich iOS tutorial team. But even before that was the case, I’d visit the site often for its well-written, easy to follow, free tutorials covering a huge range of topics almost entirely devoted to iOS development.

The site’s always been a great resource for me, but now that I know what goes on behind the scenes, I’d recommend it even more strongly. Each tutorial follows strict guidelines and goes through several rounds of testing and editing by multiple people before going live. And more than any other iOS tutorial site I’ve seen, the writers put in extra effort to make each tutorial fun, entertaining and visually appealing.

iOS Recommendation #3: StackOverflow.com

Stack Overflow is obviously a great resource when it comes to looking for answers to your programming problems, but I’ve learned just as much by answering #iOS questions from others on the site. By answering other users’ questions, I’ve been able to learn about iOS features, behaviors, etc. that I wouldn’t necessarily run up against on my own and I’ve read through so much of Apple’s Documentation I wouldn’t have read through otherwise in order to help others.

iOS Recommendation #4: Youtube.com

When I first started developing for iOS, I would often follow along with tutorial series on Youtube. It was easier for me to follow along when I could see each step in action.

Here are a few iOS tutorial channels:



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