10 Personalities Who Inspired Me in 2018

Sabine Eckhardt is a true role model for me. She shows that digitalization doesn’t exclude marketing and sales; on the contrary, it is more important than ever. This year I had the chance to meet her at an event of my network, Global Digital Women, and listen to her words about digitalization and her personal career path. I remember one of their statements in particular, that “the supposed step to the side is often the right step upwards.”

The year is coming to an end and it is time to look back. For me, the question about the highlights of the year is a question of the personalities who left the greatest impression on me. My Top 10.

One of the most beautiful aspects of my job is that I meet many exciting, creative, and inspiring personalities. Even if 100 of them deserved to be mentioned here, I have limited myself to 10 who impressed and inspired me in the last year.

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