Qualifications Instead of Quotas!

Inkeri Klomsdorf, director of global product management & sales support instruments at ZEISS Vision Care, knows what really gets women ahead

Boys play with cars and girls with dolls. So it is still rooted in many people’s minds, and as long as the social framework doesn’t change along with a shift in thinking, technical professions will remain primarily be occupied by men. One woman who has successfully gained a foothold in a MINT profession is Inkeri Klomsdorf from ZEISS Vision Care . More than seven years ago she started in the HR department of the company and now does “high-tech product management for innovative digital products,” as she describes it. “When women enter MINT professions, they must firmly believe that they are good. It’s about showing attitude and not trying to imitate men,” she says. Individual qualifications are the critical factors here. “It may sound strange, but I am absolutely against a female quota. It could actually harm women, as it would also put them in positions for which they might not be qualified.” Equal rights, yesbut only if everyone has the same skills. At ZEISS, these prerequisites are met. According to Inkeri, “many good women” work in product managementfour management positions in a row have been filled by women, which might also be why the company supported the #DFLA. “As an employer, we want to provide positive impetus. Nowadays, networking is a must and networks are part of digitalization.”

A company like ZEISS Vision Care, which specializes in clear vision, can only benefit from the digital transformation. “Seeing is a personal matter. If you’ve never experienced perfect vision, you can’t miss it,” says Inkeri. “We work every day to ensure our customers can experience optimal vision at the optician’s office. Digital instruments and apps are indispensable for that.” Digitalization offers many opportunities here; one being, for example, the simulation of various lens options. The paperless optician, who can use stored data to identify stealthily-developing eye disease, is just the beginning.


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