The Questionnaire

Working in ...Malaysia

Where did you get the inspiration for your business ventures?

I was running a small web design consultancy firm with my husband and struggled trying to get the word out there to attract potential customers. I was reading a lot about inbound marketing and content marketing back then and realized that good content was always going to be king, but this content was also becoming more visual. So I tried to create an infographic using Adobe, striving to make complex information easy to understand, and it was hard! I needed a tool that could help me create impactful, visual stories and my husband and I set out to build it.

How is it to do business as a woman in Malaysia (advantages and disadvantages)?

I rarely come into any situation where I feel I’m at a disadvantage. If anything, with the recent movement about diversity and inclusion, we have benefited from more speaking and PR opportunities. I have heard from my friends that raising funds as a female (and a mother) can be occasionally tough, but the ability to execute will usually speak for itself.

Do you consider yourself a role model for other women (and why)?

No, I do not consider myself a role model. There’s a lot lacking in my current skill set and abilities. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I still think there are many more mistakes to go!


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