“We Need More Female Role Models!”

Suzelle Abe, head of seller services consumables & media at Amazon, about her commitment to female empowerment

You’ve worked at Amazon for six years, and were at BP before. What were the biggest challenges you faced when moving from the offline to online world?

The pace of work! Every day we make a lot of decisions extremely quickly when it comes to marketing or promotional events. In addition, there are various digital tools and mechanisms that new employees have to familiarize themselves with.

What drives you to promote issues such as digitalization and female empowerment?

For me, diversity and, above all, female empowerment are matters close to the heart and a question of justice. We can still make a difference—at Amazon and for women in the digital economy as a whole. For us, diversity is part of our culture and our everyday lives. We are convinced that the diversity of our employees leads to better decisions that benefit our customers. Diversity ensures that we think through new products and services from as many different perspectives as possible.

You lead the Amazon internal diversity network Women@Amazon. What is happening there?

The network has more than 500 members in Germany and is one of the so-called “affinity groups” at Amazon. These are voluntary initiatives by employees who are supported by senior leadership. At Women@Amazon, we focus on attracting talented women in all business areas, training them, and retaining them for the long term. There are, for example, the Candidate Experience Champions—employees who have been with Amazon for some time and who want to help give applicants an authentic picture of the company.  

You sponsored the Digital Female Leader Award in 2018. What was the motivation behind this commitment?

We need more female role models to encourage women to break new ground in the digital economy. That’s why we’ve been a partner of the award since 2017 and sponsored the Entrepreneurship category, which honors pioneers in the digital world. The willingness to make a difference beyond established paths is important for the startup landscape, and customers will also benefit from this.


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